Event Marketing in a COVID-19 World

How can we successfully and safely interact with potential customers amongst concerns surrounding COVID-19 at an event?  It’s a tough question that we are all grappling with and given this is new to everyone there are no definitive answers but some of these ideas may help…

It is important to make both your customers and staff feel safe.  Once they feel safe they will be able to interact in a more positive way. 

Keeping your team safe:

  • Wear gloves and masks, and provide plenty of hand sanitizer for your team.   
  • Check to see if the event organizer is making accommodations for social distancing like spacing out activities and exhibitor spaces, providing sanitation services for restroom areas, etc.  (Goosebump Events is doing all of this see our COVID-19 Plan)
  • Arrive to the event early for set up to avoid crowded time frames right before an event begins. 
  • Clean off high-touch areas of your space with sanitation wipes (Tables, pens, etc).
  • Opt for outdoor event set up booth spaces vs indoor if possible.
  • Consider limiting the number of people in your booth space or purchasing a second space so staff can spread out more.  

Keeping both you and your customers safe: 

  • Avoid cash exchange in favor of credit card transactions.  If you use a machine that  customers just inserts a card themselves and pulls it out, with you asking to sign an X for them there will be less physical contact.   
  • Consider placing a table between you and the customer or a plexiglass barrier depending on what type of product are selling. 
  • If you expect high volume at your area you may want to place lines on the ground with tape to better manage spacing as people line up to interact with you. 
  • Consider allowing for virtual purchases.  Post a website url where customers could make their purchase and then show you their receipt to receive their item. 
  • Text Messaging ordering: Food Vendors could offer the opportunity for customers to text their order and receive a text back when the order is complete.  

How to engage with the audience safely? 

As we know, providing an interactive activity is key to attracting potential customers at an event, but how can we do that safely? Here is where it helps to get creative!

  • If you have invested in high touch type interactive games like prize wheels, or ring toss games, be sure to offer gloves or hand sanitizer, wipe down between use, or use sanitizer sprays.  
  • Get creative with other ways to interact that are not “touch focused”.
    • Ask trivia questions to giveaway prizes. 
    • Think about activities that can be done within a safe distance like picture booths with fun backgrounds or games where they use their feet to push a ball or a toy car.  
    • Use TV screens or other larger visuals to capture attention
    • Utilize music to attract attention – you could even conduct a song guessing game, or celebrity voice recognition game. 
  •  If you want to use a computer screen app or conduct a drawing out of a hat type activity, have your staff do the touching part of the activity so that only one person is interacting with the pieces.

Use technology to enhance what you do:

  • Promote a website link/social media tags, etc. on all your branding pieces to allow attendees the option to engage online – but keep it simple and easy to use.
  • Think about social media or text contests.  Instead of entering to win by putting in a card, take advantage of folks being more open to technology and ask them to text or hashtag to enter contests and award a winner from those at the event.  
  • Offer an online shopping experience with onsite deliver of the product.  Customers could see your booth, go eat and shop then come by to pick up what they purchase right there!  You could even promote to customers not at the event that they can pick up their purchase at the event.  
  • Take advantage of extra benefits that event planners provide virtually.  Goosebump Events provides programs like the Avondale VIP program where we promote special activities and offers happening at the event to attendees who have signed up for the VIP Club through a series of emails and website link.  (Learn More)
  • Look at  contesting you can do that can be promoted on the event website, social media pages prior to the event.  Contact a Goosebump representative to discuss  how we can help you promote what you are doing.  
These are just some ideas to get you going, if you would like more assistance in brainstorming how to specifically enhance your program at our events contact one of the following Goosebump representatives: 

For more information on what Goosebump is doing to keep the events safe during the pandemic click hereFor information specific to Food Vendors regarding COVID-19 click here.

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