Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

A limited number of booths are reserved for Non-profit organizations at many of our events at a complimentary rate.  To qualify Non-profits must have a 501c3 and must provide your own table, chairs and canopy (white canopies are preferred).

Non-profit booths are NOT allowed to solicit for donations or sell any items unless specifically approved by the City of Avondale.

This complimentary rate is for space only, you must provide your own canopy, table & chairs (White canopies are preferred).  If you need to rent them you may select Display Add-ons from the Upcoming Events tab on this site.

Many of the events limit the number of free spaces available so if they are filled or if you wish to sell items you may pay for a commercial exhibitor booth space. To do this visit the Exhibitor section under Upcoming Events.

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