Maximize your event presence

Maximize your event presence

  1. Consider an Event Sponsorship vs an Exhibitor Booth
    Event sponsorships provide the highest traffic booth locations and other benefits beyond the booth.  Announcements on stage to promote what you are doing in your booth, logo positioning on signage throughout the event to increase your branding and pre-exposure through social media are just some of the benefits a sponsorship.  In addition, title sponsorships of key areas of the event like the stage, kids zones and other activities can make a really big impact with other signage, includes on maps and marketing pieces and becomes an automatic traffic builder for you.  VIEW SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
  2. Start Way Before the event. 
    One of the best and easiest booth ideas is to start building excitement for your booth long before the event starts. Use social media to give hints about some of the amazing things you’ll have at your booth, or promote aspects of the event to attract people in general. Get pictures from the event coordinators and post them on your company Facebook page as the event gets closer.  You can even post a few giveaway ideas and have your social media followers vote on their favorite ones. Building up this excitement before the event will keep people interested in your booth and make them much more likely to stop by during the trade show.
  3. Make Your Booth Interactive
    An easy way to carry out interactive booth ideas is to give a demo of your products.  If you sell massage chairs, set them up and let people give them a try. If you have a food item, let them taste it, if you are clothes create a changing room with a mirror so they can try it on.  If you have a cleaning product conduct demonstrations.  For dance schools, have a student with music giving mini lessons.  

    If demonstrating your products takes a little too long to do it all day, you can schedule specific demo times (this works well for things like cooking demos). This could gather an entire crowd to your booth several times a day.

  4. Provide Something Everyone Needs or appeals to the audience you want to reach
    Giveaways are always popular and attract a crowd, but think about your audience and what would make the most lasting impression.  Do they have kids would a game or coloring sheets be good.  If you are selling security systems maybe give away a key chain alarm or flash light.Food or bottled water always attract people, they get hungry and hot walking around at events, so handing out candy, cotton candy, or popcorn will quickly draw a crowd to your booth. Be sure and check with the event promoter so that you do not compete with the food vendors selling items.

    Set up a charging station will bring you a lot of traffic as well.  Again, this is a great chance to expose them to your company. You can create a custom table cover with your company name and logo on it or put pamphlets on top of the table with relevant information. They’ll have nothing else to look at while their phone is charging but your booth.

  5. Play Some Games and Give Out Prizes
    One simple way to do generate leads or attract people is having people complete a quick task that will enter them into a drawing. These tasks could be as easy as singing in at your booth, signing up for your email list, taking a picture, signing up to spin a wheel and tagging your company, using your custom hashtag.If leads are not important and interactive game like cornhole, ring toss, jumbo connect, etc invites people in to hang out with you and gives you an opportunity to engage in conversation in a more casual setting.  Julie Peterson has several contacts for jumbo games and activities so fee free to ask for assistance.  
  6. Hand Out Bags
    When you do hand out prizes or free giveaway, make sure you give them to people in a really big bag. This may seem silly, but other companies will probably give out bags too.  People carrying multiple bags tend to stuff them all into the biggest bag.  Make sure that biggest bag is yours. Other people will see them carrying those bags around and want to find out where they came from.
  7. Make People Feel Comfortable and Invited
    If you have a large space for your booth, set up some chairs, have professional signage created, add color to your booth with balloons, flagging or other decorations.  Using your company colors help reinforce your brand.  Set up the booth so that people can enter not just approach a table, they’ll enjoy getting out of the sun and will spend more time talking to you. If you don’t have time to talk to all these people directly, consider setting up a screen that plays an engaging presentation about your company.
  8. Make Your Booth Noticeable
    If you can, check out your competitors before the event so you can see how they’ll be decorating their booth. Then come up with some bigger and better.  Create extra-tall booth displays that stretch high above everyone else around you. People will be able to see your booth from a distance, maybe even right when they enter and wonder what it is.If you want to get really creative, think of objects that are sure to catch peoples’ eyes. Maybe a custom wrapped bike or car, funny wind sock or silly hats, play music (as long as you are not too close to the stage).
  9. Provide a Special Event Deal
    Special deals are other great even booth ideas. People like getting special things, and they are more likely to buy something from you that day if it is discounted or comes with other perks.  But don’t make the deal too ridiculous.  Keep it professional and beneficial to you. People jump on all kinds of deals, so it doesn’t have to be better than everyone else around you.
  10. Bring Your Own Lights
    Sometimes, the overhead lights may not be very good and bringing your own lights or even colored led lights make your booth easier to see can attract attention.  The right kind of lights also feel cozy and intimate and will attract people to your booth.
  11. Set Up a Creative “Stunt”
    Your stunt booth ideas can be totally unique and different. Think way outside of the box. For example, We have seen sponsors with live animals, street performers, people in costumes and more. They always attract a crowd.
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