This event had all the elements to ensure a fun, memorable party for KPMG employees.  It included everything from celebrity impersonators to movie themed gift boxes.  The event was held simultaneously in all KPMG markets, with a satellite feed from each one. The KPMG Corporate office pumped up the excitement by broadcasting to and from each market.

Celebrity impersonators at the KPMG event.
Celebrity impersonators at the KPMG event.


Attendance:  225

Event Elements:

  • Custom event logo design
  • Creative event décor
    • Entrance façade
    • Jumbo boxes of pop-corn
    • Custom clap board registration table signs
    • Popcorn & movie reel centerpieces
    • Hollywood themed confetti
    • Popcorn Machines
  • Themed entertainment (celebrity impersonators)
  • Attendee gift


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