Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our events!  Volunteering is a fun way to get involved in your community and meet new people. Once you have signed up for an event you will receive a confirmation email from Goosebump confirming your volunteer shift time, job, and details of where to go.  Thank you again for your support, we couldn’t produce such great community events without your help!

For questions contact Breanna Smith 


Please know that event organizers are working hard to adhere to CDC and government guidelines on how to host large gatherings.  All efforts will be made to keep volunteers safe.  We will provide masks for all volunteers and volunteers will be expected to wear them.  If you have signed up to volunteer and are not feeling well please contact our volunteer coordinator Breanna Smith and let her know you are no longer able to volunteer.  If you are able to find a replacement for yourself that is always appreciated. 

Note: Volunteer opportunities through the end of 2020 are posted below. 2021 volunteer opportunities will be posted by December 1, 2020.
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